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Commercial Services

Manufacturing and processing facility programs require the highest levels of technical expertise and documentation in pest management. Menard’s Pest Control delivers that with each service we perform. Drawing from a over 40 years of pest control experience. Menard’s Pest Control will keep in place the programs you have now and develop an Integrated Pest Management Plan for your facility that will address your immediate concerns as well as long-term preventive strategies and third party inspection standards. Integrated Pest Management programs also ensure that the quality, value and safety of your products, as well as the safety of your employees and the environment are maintained.

Taking care of pest problems in manufacturing and processing facilities starts with keeping them from entering the building in the first place. Designing a program to keep weeds and debris away from the outside of the structure and to have the correct traps in place will assure a complete score with any inspection agency. Monitoring tools are used on the interior to keep track of pest; this ensures a quick identification of a problem and a rapid solution.

Menard’s Pest Control offers only the highest quality pest control services to manufacturing and processing facilities. Below Are just a few befits you enjoy:
On-line Customer Access Portal - You will be provided with on-line access to all service information including, activity found, pesticides used, billing, customer service support, ask questions and documents.  
Bar Code Scanners - All our technicians are equipped with bar code scanners that are linked directly to our on-line access portal. All traps, rodent stations and monitors are scanned, which give you immediate detailed information on pest activity at any of these devices.
Response Time - We understand that when there is a problem that needs immediate attention waiting is not an option, we will respond the same day if you call our office before noon.  We will respond by the end of the next business day if you call between noon and 5:00