Our Services

Preventive Maintenance Program( PMP) Highly Recommended
This affordable program is a once a month service that will keep bugs on the out side of your house where they belong.

Referral Programs
Tell family /friend about us and get a free service.

Monthly Programs
Service can be set up just for what you need. Once a month, every 2 months, every 6 month or as you need us.

Seasonal Specials
Let us get to them before they get to you. We offer specials for pest that like to come out at different times of the year.

Mosquito Treatment
Can’t sit outside!!  Let us help!! They can be controlled, safely and effectively.

Carpenter Ants Program
Carpenter ants work on your house very slowly.  Let us show you how we can protect you house.

Rodent Control Program
When they're gone, so is the cost of that service.

Tree / Shrub Spraying
This is one of the top places where spiders hid out.

Termite Programs and Inspections
Termites move very slowly. Setting up a once a year inspections is the best way to stop them from getting a head start on you house. If found we have the most updated treatment. No more drilling and no more harsh chemicals. It works -----we guarantee it.